Market Match / CNIP Testimonials

Feel the impact of Market Match and the California Nutrition Incentive Program (CNIP) by reading testimonials below.

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“Before, because of the expensive cost of produce, it was very difficult to get good produce for my disabled daughter who really needs to eat healthy. With the Market Match, my daughter loves to eat the fresh delicious produce she gets at the farmers market.”

Diane A., Castro Valley CA

“This program greatly helps farmers. Without the additional income from this program, we wouldn’t be able to keep coming to this market. It doubles our profit!”

Ramiro Schletewitz, Farmer participating in Market Match program, Richmond, CA

“I am a single parent of two, struggling to get a business off the ground. Market Match has helped me feel good about buying fresh produce for my family, and helps us stretch our limited funds.”

Nat, Oakland CA

Overall, my mental and physical health is greatly improved by the Market Match and I hope to see it continue for generations to come. This is how communities thrive.


Sean D. Los Angeles

“Y’all are the best – your customer service is always ON POINT and I appreciate your bright smiles and warm energy. This match program has seriously supported me while my income has significantly suffered due to disability. I can’t begin to express my gratitude for this incredible program. Thank you!!”

Anonymous, Santa Cruz, CA

I have had an immensely difficult time finding a job and market match has been an essential part of my weekly grocery shopping. Because of Market Match, I never have to worry about running out of CalFresh funds.  Market Match […] is simply an irreplaceable benefit that not only encourages people to buy fresh foods, but also solidifies a sense of community and camaraderie at the market.”

Sophia V., Los Angeles CA

The Market Match helps me to afford a diverse, nutritious diet, instead of just staple foods. And helps me support local farmers.”

Anonymous hand-written note, Santa Cruz, CA

“It’s allowed a lot of people with low budget incomes to get fed. During covid it helped us tremendously.”

Cyrus, Farmer participating in Market Match program, Richmond, CA

“Before, because of the expensive cost of produce, it was very difficult to get good produce for my disabled daughter who really needs to eat healthy. With the Market Match, my daughter loves to eat the fresh delicious produce she gets at the farmers market.”

Diane A., Castro Valley CA

“Market Match has helped me with food insecurity. And please do not cancel the program. I can’t afford veggies and fruits otherwise.”

Jeff C., San Francisco

“I can purchase more fruits and vegetables because of the amount of discounts I receive for purchasing with my calfresh card. It has impacted me and my family’s intake in fresh fruits and veggies … the amount of discounts I receive has allowed me to get more quantities than I would normally be able to purchase for the same dollar amount at a regular grocery store.”

Marlene A., San Jose, CA

“I love having the access to delicious, fresh, nutritious food at affordable prices. Market Match has made it possible to afford to eat healthy food. Having access to fresh delicious and affordable fruits and vegetables has ensured my ability to use food as a means in staying healthy vibrant and active.”

Kymberly, Richmond, CA

“Podemos accedera mas por que al cambiar con CalFresh nos vinde mas ahora.”

Anonymous, Bay Area

“These additional food chips (referring to Market Match tokens) has been a lifesaver. Landlord raised the rent and husband moved out so I could not afford food. This has made all the difference. Thank you.”

Anonymous, Santa Cruz, CA

“This program is incredibly helpful and makes it possible to get healthy fresh food on a regular basis. Without it I would not be eating very many vegetables or fruit. I also love supporting the local farmers.”

Joseph F., Santa Cruz, CA

“At 78 years old, I am still working as a self-employed person. I hope to be able to work until 85. If not, it is going to be very difficult for me to pay my rent, let alone buy food. The Market Match is essential for me .  Without it, I will find it difficult to buy enough food each month.”

Rosemary E., Berkeley CA

“Market Match has helped my farm workers and community members who pick the fruit and veggies from the field but can’t afford to buy it from the stores. This program ensures access to fresh fruit and veggies to our low income community.”

Sulam Y., Madera CA

“Great help for seniors on social security – supports farmers and we get healthy food.”

Anonymous hand-written note, Santa Cruz, CA

“Last year when my son said, ‘what are those?’ and pointed at the strawberries I bought with Market Match. He’s four and that’s when I realized it was four years since I could afford strawberries. I found out about Market Match it changed that.”

Naved, Los Angeles CA

“You have no idea that I have been able to get vegetables with Market Match and then if I wanted protein or bread I was able to purchase it. It has been insurmountable in my survival.”

Ana H., Chico CA

“As a [farmer’s market] vendor, you may be surprised, but I’m on EBT. The Market Match program helps me keep myself fed in between Market days. I’d be hungry without it.”

James P., Castro Valley

I am writing to share my deep gratitude for the additional ‘double-up’ (Market Match) funds provided at the Downtown Santa Cruz Farmers Market. Although an extra $10.00 dollars may not seem like much, it allows me to extend my food budget. The more I save, the more peace of mind I have, and the better I can live. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.  I very much appreciate fresh fruits and vegetables to keep me going.”

Kimberly K, Santa Cruz, CA

I feel a lot of gratitude for the program! The sense of abundance gives us peace and less to worry about.”

Anonymous, Santa Cruz, CA

“This [Market Match] makes it possible for me not to go hungry. It is a great blessing to me and many others.”

Pamela O. San Francisco

“Am 74 years old on Social Security. Market Match is the only way I can afford to maintain a diet of healthy food.”

Richard K., San Francisco

“Allowed me to purchase more nutritious food after pandemic supplement (EBT) got cancelled. Brilliant program!”

Anonymous, Santa Cruz, CA

“Para mi es bueno la ayuda y servicio.” [For me, the help and service is good]

Marina P., East Palo Alto

“I go every week and know I can stock up on great quality healthy food without worrying about price.”

Stephanie, Richmond, CA

“Market Match is an extra added incentive to come buy fresh, local produce. As inflation rises, extra financial incentives help with the bottom line for both farmers and shoppers. People don’t just look forward to receiving the extra funds every week, they depend on it.”

Aaron, farmers’ market staff, Richmond, CA

“Hi! I wanted to thank you for the EBT Match program. I’m on Social Security and my disability comes with a lot of dietary restrictions. The farmer’s market is one of the few places I can go to where I know the food I get will be safe for me to eat and with the (Market) Match program, it’s the only place I can come close to affording it. It’s a real life saver for me. 

Please know that you’re making a difference in our lives and in our communities. Thank you!”

AM Stefani, Santa Cruz, CA

“I visit the farmer’s market more often because of Market Match. I can afford to try new vendors also.”